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A little About Me

Ever since I was in grade school, I have been told I have an eye for photography. At the age of twenty-seven I began to take my interest in photography seriously and enrolled as a student in a Visual Communications program at Brown College. While developing my photographic abilities I have discovered landscapes and photojournalism are my favorite subject and my shooting style is unusual. The images I create allow viewers to take a trip into another world and tell stories.

Photography provides me with the solitude that I seek in my life. Photographing landscapes or events allows me to escape the confines of time. No matter where I have had the opportunity to journey to, home or abroad, I have found there are always new landscape or actions discoveries to be captured. Photography is my refuge. I find many places to use my developing abilities to gain a unique perspective of the world. It is only after the voyage of a hike or event is over and my camera is filled with new images that I have frozen in time that I can be truly satisfied.

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